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Woman Unlimited is a network of women with a passion to make a difference and impact their generation. Pastor Maureen, the Founder, believes that there is a grace upon women in this season and that God is gathering all women with a passion to make a difference. In the year 2005, God prompted Pastor Maureen Beryl Shana to reach out and coach women in her church and as she faithfully obeyed, these coaching sessions grew and began to impact women from different walks of life. Pastor Maureen’s passion for self discovery has helped many ordinary women discover and unlock their dormant giftings and capabilities. She believes that in every woman are hidden treasures and endless potentials waiting to be birthed. Her coaching and leadership will encourage, motivate and show you how to take the necessary actions to fulfil destiny. Woman Unlimited was born out of a desire to see every woman come out of their limitations, overcome all obstacles, real or imagined, and step boldly, in faith into all that God has for them!

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Pastor Maureen Beryl Shana

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Stories from women who have discovered their God-given purpose, had their potential unlocked, exceeded limitations and birthed their destinies.

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