Unlocking Potential Institute is focused on human development through unlocking potential. We believe that every individual is born with potential and none possess greater or lesser. It is the use and application of that potential that distinguishes the so-called “talented” from the so called “untalented”.  UP Institute helps organizations enhance performance and achievement for significance.

We believe Leadership is not only about one’s ability to influence rather, it is more to do with self-discovery and ability to gain self-mastery in order to succeed. To become a true leader one has to discover their potential, explore and maximize it. With this in mind, Mrs. Maureen Beryl Shana developed and packaged transformational modules aimed at tapping into the potential of the leader and the ordinary employee.


Unlocking Potential Institute is an offshoot of Woman Unlimited, which is an organization that was founded by Maureen Beryl Shana (Mrs.) in the year 2007. Woman Unlimited seeks to help women discover their purpose, unlock potential, exceed limitations, birth destiny and exceed limitations.

The Unlocking Potential Institute endeavors to enhance individual and organizational performance and productivity through training, mentoring, coaching and motivating.

Our strategy as an Institute is to ensure transformation of the mind before there can be significant changes in an individual or organization. The premise is, “where the mind goes, the man follows.”


To be a leading human development organization that transforms individuals and organizations through self-discovery and mastery of potential.


To facilitate self-discovery and organisational transformation through training, coaching, mentorship and motivation.


  • Self-discovery
  • Transformation
  • Relevance
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity